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Handmade Crocheted Lace Brimmed Hat, Lime Green & Chocolate

$ 195.00

60"s design hand crocheted lace floral hat. Can be attached to a Buckram hat shape, with contrast fabric. Starch brim stiffly.

Beautiful lace pattern, crocheted with cotton thread. This is the most complicated hat pattern I have EVER crocheted! Beautifully,  and intricately designed. 

One size fits most. Fits like a floppy hat. Heavier starch, and a 1/8th inch ribbon can be inserted near the band for a tighter fit. (See the white, and natural for a heavier starch.) 

The mannequin has a 22 inch head circumference.
This is the actual hat that you will receive.  Brim is lightly starched.  You may wish to add more starch for a stiffer brim.

Photo 5 shows the intricateness of the design. Notice that you cannot see the hook size because of it's minuteness! The 6th photo shows an enlargement of the hook size.  So small, that the work cramps the hands tremendously!

A LOT of meticulous labor went into this hat!

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