Handmade 100% Cotton Full Face Mask

Handmade 100% Cotton Full Face Mask

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These are very lightweight fabrics, one of the lightest weight face masks that I've made. It reverses to white. 

One hundred percent cottons have been pre-washed in Woolite, and dryer dried for shrinkage.

I specifically searched for many hours, over many days, at many places, for lightweight cottons.

I've encountered several seniors recently, when shopping for groceries who weren't wearing a mask because of not being able to breathe through one. That inspired me to start sewing facemasks.

Full Mask includes nose wire.

Pocket Mask has a nose wire, and is for inserting a filter of your choice: a paper surgical mask, a paper towel, a baby wipe, flannel fabric, a hepa filter, etc. Just make sure to open filter, and spread evenly.

Adjustable Elastic Pocket Mask, is easier on the ears for long wearing. Includes nose wire.

Remove nose wire before washing.

Approximately 5 1/4" L,  9 1/4" W across nose bridge, 8" W across chin.

The cost of supplies continues to rise, as well as the postal service rates. I have endeavored to make these masks low cost, not making a profit, because of dire need. Also, I have set shipping costs lower, not allowing for handling, or packaging costs. 

These are stressful times, many have lost loved ones, lost their jobs, their health, and other things we may not know about. You may be one of them. My heart goes out to all. Please stay safe, and call your loved ones DAILY!



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